There are basic costs for everyone who visits our camp. These are a list of expenses a typical training camp guest may incur spending a month living comfortably and training in Phuket, Thailand


Your training costs can vary, depending on your training, and on how long you stay. Typically our guest choose a whole day training, which grants you access to all of our classes, and training areas for the whole day.

More information about the prices can be found on the pricing page.

Accommodation at or near camp

There are several styles of accommodation available to our guests. At the camp, we offer accommodations from basic Dorm Rooms for 6,000 Baht monthly, fighters budget rooms for 8000, to Standard Bungalows for 16,000.

Also we have a partnership with most of the surrounding hotels, which allows us to give you a price benefit for several styles of accommodations close to the Tiger camp.
Check out the available accommodation options here.

Transportation & How you can get around Phuket

TMT organizes many activities such as wakeboarding, Sundays at the beach-club, partys and all kinds of training, and sports around Phuket. For those activitys TMT takes care of mini-vans for all the guests who want to join. Twice a week, the Bodyfit classes are on the beach or at Big Buddha. for 100 Baht you get a lift there and back. But if you want to discover Phuket on your own, there are lots of other possibilities for you to get around.


Buses are available 100 meters from camp on main road. Buses are on daily schedule to many parts of the island and are available every 15-20 minutes. A small sign on front of bus in english shows what route the bus runs. Buses in Phuket cost 20+ Baht.

Motorbike rental

Motorbike rentals are available everywhere on the island and at the camp. Motorbikes are the #1 form of transportation on the island for tourists and Thai, which makes it a great way to see Phuket and all of its’ wonderful beaches and landmarks. Motorbike Rentals: 250 Baht per day. 1500 Baht per week. 4500 Baht per month. Costs, condition,and types of motorbikes vary with cost. Gasoline: 30 baht per liter.

Taxi or Tuk-Tuk

Taxi are available for our guests on call. Taxi can usually arrive within 15 minutes of call. All of our gym taxi have a set rates to different areas of the island (Posted at camp) for all our guests. When you are out in Phuket, guests can use Tuk-Tuk’s (small open-air vehicle) that can seat 4-5 people. Always negotiate your fare clearly before departure. Tuk-Tuk’s are easy and convenient, but prices can be high.

Our training camp is centrally located in Chalong. We are 4-5 kilometers from several of Phuket’s best beaches; close to the pier and marina in Chalong, and entertainment like boating trips, Shooting Range, Paint Ball Fight Zone, Diving and scuba instruction, Elephant Rides, ATV course, Detox Spa’s, Buddhist Temple, and mountain-top lookouts. So make sure you choose some kind of transportation in order to see all of that!

Equipment and Training Gear

Our trainers have all the gear to train you, and some to rent out at the office, but if you come to train serious, you will need your own hand wraps and gloves. We have a full equipment shop with everything you may need from gloves, shorts, shirts, mouthpiece, etc. at the office.

Or, you are welcome to bring your own.

Food and Meals

Tiger Muay Thai training camp offers guests food at the “Tiger Grill” which serves a menu of Thai and foreign food at affordable prices for our guests and patrons. Guests can buy convenient prepaid meal card. Be in control of your spending limit during your stay at TMT.

Check out the menu and read more about the grill here.

Food is very affordable from the many small Thai restaurants and food carts to small Foreign run restaurants. Guests can expect to spend 80-120+ baht for a nice Thai style meal. Expect to spend a bit more if you want to go to a fancy restaurant, wich you can also find around here. Water: 5-10 baht per liter. Beer: 50-100 Baht per bottle. Local Markets have nice prices on fresh fruits and vegetables.


WE have a laundry service available at the training camp for guests. Laundry service prices are very affordable and includes pick-up and delivery. A typical guest will spend 80-120 baht per week on laundry. There are several local places to have your laundry done until the next day, for similar prices.

Internet Access

Tiger Muay Thai has free internet for our guests through a Wi-Fi system through-out the whole camp area and on site accommodations. The nearest internet café is located about 4 minutes from Tiger Muay Thai. Chalong also has several ADSL internet shops that offer access for around 40-50 baht per hour. These shops also often have photo, copying, fax, and other services.


Phuket has many attractions and styles of entertainment. Our camp offers discounts and help to our guests in planning and scheduling different activities and we can often save guests money by having our staff take care of the details.

Airport Pick-up and drop off

We suggest to all our guests to have a gym taxi meet you on arrival or drop off on departure for 900 Baht (includes airport surcharge of 100 baht) All of the gym taxi drivers know our training camp and management, and have fair scheduled rates for service to different parts of the island and can be trusted. These are the same drivers who may later taxi for you to different parts of the island and are on-call for all our guests 24 hours-a-day.

If you get taxi on your own or at airport the standard rate to Chalong and Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp is 800 baht+ depending upon driver and company.

Monthly VISA Extensions

Many of the guests that visit our Phuket training camp, may have to make a “Visa Run” to extend their VISA for their stay in Thailand. Several local companies offer 1 day trips to Ranong Border Station with Myanmar (Burma). There are several large AC buses with movies. Lunch and border crossing fee included in trip. Cost: 1800 baht .
The staff at TMT will be glad to help you schedule your visa run and buy ticket for best date before your VISA expires.