What to do on a rest day? Explore Phuket! Now, sooner or later you will find all your favourite places on your own. but just to give you some options, here is a small guide to what you can do on a rest day, or a free afternoon!

If there is anything on here that doesn’t answer your questions please feel free to email and ask.

Please note: This guide is very outdated and since it was written the street Tiger is located on and the surrounding areas have grown and changed tremendously. We're currently updating this guide but will keep it as is meanwhile for reference.


Local area & Scooter Hire

Now if you just need a variety of restaurants and grocery stores, you are fine on the Tiger street without any transportation. If you want to see a bit more, you probably want to rent a scooter.
You’ll notice that most Thai people and tourists drive around on scooters. Its the easiest and fastest way to explore Phuket.

Just as food, laundry and massages, most places also offer scooter rental. The prices are basically the same. The difference is that some people might charge you a lot for a scratch/dent on the scooter, even if it was there before. You can prevent that either by inspecting to scooter well before you rent it, or have Tiger Muay Thai staff help you with suitable rental options as our staff are experienced with tourists, and you get discounts if you stay longer.

Petrol can be purchased at or just nearby the camp – You will see many places on the road side selling what looks like bottles of alcohol! This is in fact petrol, for 40 baht per bottle (approximately) you can fill up pretty much anywhere so there is no worry of breaking down and not being able to fill up. It takes approximately 100 baht to fill the tank.

Word of warning: Always wear your helmet no matter how stupid you feel in it! There are police all over Chalong especially at Chalong circle and they pull over EVERYONE! There is a 500 baht fine for no helmet and 500 baht fine if you don’t carry your license. They will keep your bike while you walk to the police station and pay the fine. It’s a hassle that you don’t need and the money can be spent better.

Now that you have a scooter you can venture further afield.


There is a Massage place literally every 10 meters on the Tiger road. Most of the places have pricelist outside, so if you choose a clean place with friendly staff, you cant go wrong with your decision.

Should you want to totally de-stress you can opt for one of the many spas in Chalong the closest one is right next to the Tiger camp. Ranging from a simple 60minute massage you can choose either oil, aloe, aromatherapy, Swedish, or Thai to name a few to a full spa package experience which can include a number of different treatments to suit your time a budget. Anything from facials, body wraps, aromatic salt scrubs, tamarind bath, to after sun treatments for those that may have overdone the sun bathing.

Places to eat

Now the Tiger Grill is amazing, but if you stay here for longer, you probably need some diversion. Good thing there are plenty of places! It will take you some time to get through all the restaurants, grills, and smaller foodplaces near the Tiger Camp. So here is just a selection of some places:

Ali’s Hut

Just a couple of meters from Tiger away, Ali’s has delicious wraps and pitas. What makes it so special, is that they are open till 2am, sometimes even longer!

Muay Thai House

If you leave Tiger, and go to te left, in a couple of meters there is the Muay Thai House Hotel, directley on the street is their restaurant. Here you get (next to a typical menu) a huge variety of protein shakes (add banana, strawberrys, nutella, oreos, mixed berry, peanutbutter, etc.) for a good price.


This is a Hotel with a small restaurant in the lobby, also on the left side of the Tiger road. It might be a little more expensive, but they offer a good choice of healthy food, juices and shakes. Perfect for breakfast!


Still reachable by foot, Mama’s is a little down from the Tiger road. Mama’s serve Thai, Italian, Mexican, and all the classics for a good price. it is one of the bigger restaurants, perfect to go for dinner in larger groups.


A little down the road from Mama’s, Tony’s still can be reached by foot, but if you have the choice, scoot there! If your workout is doing well, treat yourself with a deep fried magnum. It is as delicious as it sounds.

From here on, you’ll need a scooter or taxi:


German style food with a Thai menu also.

Very big portions with good prices, Ostrich steak with rosti potatoes is a big hit there and looks amazing! 5km from camp next to SU massage above.

The Ostrich steak is highly recommended and huuuge!

Anchor Inn

Past Fattys at Chalong circle turn left and it’s the 5th place on the left. They serve everything from fantastic salads (Yes I did just say fantastic and salad in the same sentence!) They are huge and very filling. They also serve pizzas, pastas, with a Italian menu and International menu alongside a Thai menu with pad Thai at 50 baht and is nearly 2 portions! Lots of variety at cheap prices.

GreenMan Pub

Situated on the main road towards Kata 1km from Chalong circle is a nice quaint typical Tudor style English pub based on over 3 acres of landscaped ground. It has an extensive menu ranging from your typical English pies and fish n chips to a Roast on Sundays, reasonably priced. They also have room hire available for parties, weddings, anniversaries.

For more info please visit http://www.the-green-man.net

Pizza Company

The Pizza company are all over Thailand it’s like the Thai answer to Pizza Hut in the UK. They have a delivery service which you can order from online if you don’t want to go out. Should you wish to dine in you can do so at Tesco Lotus just past Chalong circle towards Rawai.

With all the popular Pizza choices you also have a vast pasta menu along with a salad bar and combo deals.

For more info please visit http://www.pizza.co.th/1112/

Wine Connection

As the Pizza Company, there are saveral of those in Chalong. Excellent Italian food, Thai, and a choice of wine to go with that!

For more info please visit http://www.wineconnection.com.sg

Flintstones Bakery

Left out of camp to end of road, right at end for approx 3km, just before Chalong circle on right side.

This is an excellent German, French, Italian bakery in Chalong with all the breads and cakes to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Coffee shops

There are a number of coffee shops in Phuket as you will see from driving round. You can get the international Starbucks in Central Festival and in Kata with the international prices, you can opt for Black Canyon coffee which is based at each Teso Lotus brances 2.5km from camp either side and also in Central Festival, or go to Wecafé right across the Tiger road on the Main street. The also serve fresh sandwiches, and have a fruit and vegetable store attaced.

Banks & ATMs

There are a number of banks and ATMS all over Chalong. Pretty much every 7/11 has a cash point outside it. The closest ATM is only about 300 meter down the road from tiger on the left side.

There is a a charge of 150-200 baht for all transactions with Thai banks unless you are with Nationwide bank in the UK in which case the only bank that has not introduced this charge is Ayudhya bank (the yellow one) Should you actually need to change travelers cheques or exchange foreign currency you can use the Siam Commercial Bank – Left out of Tiger to end of road, turn left at lights on the corner.

Alternatively there is an Ayudhya bank on the way to Anchor Inn near Chalong circle on the right hand side opposite 7/11.

If you need to transfer money this can be done at Western Union. There is one in Central Festival on the second floor.

Phuket International Hospital

Located just past Central Festival on the main road. As far as hospitals go this is a very nice one. The staff and doctors speak good English and should you have to go you will be well taken care of. When entering the hospital you will be made to register at the front desk and be given a card.

Depending on the treatment you are having, the bill will be given to you at the end and you pay at the cash desk. Caution: The staff will try to get you to stay overnight for the smallest complaint and at approx 1500 baht minimum per night the prices are quite high.
Therefore if you are well and fit enough to go home do so. On the other hand should you need to stay in hospital overnight you will be in good hands.

Phuket International hospital also has a dental department should you need a dentist or get your teeth whitened! There is also a number of promotions and packages you can have at the hospital if you want to just have a general health check, these start at 2,350 baht for the basic package up to 12,500 baht for a full executive health check.

For more info please visit http://www.phuketinternationalhospital.com/en/


Are like 7/11 shops, they are all over Chalong where you can get everything from general painkillers and medication. They are also more liberal with the medication such as antibiotics (you don’t need a prescription) The closest Pharmacy is about 200m from Tiger – leaving Tiger go to the left, the pharmacy is directly on the Tiger road.


There are many places to shop and get general items from such as any of the 7/11 which are approx every 500metres in Thailand! They stock pretty much everyday items such as bread, eggs, milk, drinks, water, phone credit, popcorn, sweets, some now do ready meals with a microwave instore or a hot water tank for noodles and coffee.

Should you want to do more bulk buying you can also do so at either of the two small Tescos. There is one on each side of Tiger, (One past Chalong circle on the right) and another when you take a left out of Tiger to end of road take another left and go straight for 3km on your left. In these two you can get pretty much everything you need to live here.

If you require something more you can go Central Festival, the big Tesco Lotus and Big C which are located – right out of Tiger, right at end of road and go straight for 6.5km (approx) on right side.

Central Festival

A large shopping complex with everything you need. There is a number of clothes shops such as Zara and Jasper Conran and a department store where you can purchase all the clothes and cosmetics you would back at home.

There is a Boots Pharmacy and a few sports shops such as Nike and Addidas. Apart from the number of shops there is also a few nice places to eat such as Sizzler – They have a fantastic salad bar which is 165 baht for as much as you can eat or you get it free when you purchase a main course meal. Alongside other western food outlets such as Starbucks, Black Canyon, Pizza Company.

A 6 screen cinema boats the 3rd floor with all the latest film releases in English. Depending on the day and seat, its 100 to 400 Baht per person. There is also a VIP cinema for 700 Baht, where you get a big sofa chair with blanket, small buffet of sandwiches and treats and free included drink and popcorn!

For more info please visit http://www.centralfestivalphuket.com

Big C

Just past Central Festival on the left. Another big supermarket with everything you need including electrical goods, homeware department, cosmetics, food, etc.

Downstairs there is a big floor with many electrical shops which stock a number of computers and laptops, chargers, adapters, mobile mobile phones.

For more info please visit http://www.bigc.co.th/en/

Tesco Lotus

Past Big C to the lights, make a U turn and its on your left side. This Tesco is HUGE! It has everything, food shopping, clothes, baby wear, toys, furniture, electrical department, homeware section, cosmetics etc. If you can’t find it here they probably don’t have it!

There is also a McDonalds, Swensens, KFC, Black Canyon, Dunkin Doughnuts, Boots, Watsons, a number of little stalls selling gifts and a few clothes shops. Upstairs there is a Thai food hall where you put money on a card at the front desk then as you eat each stall swipes the card and deducts money from it.

There is also a beauty salon and nail technicians on the same floor.

For more info please visit http://www.tescolotus.net


If you are looking for things to do you have to try scuba diving with Phuket Dive Tours our preferred choice as a your Local PADI Diving Resort, with over 7 years of diving services in Phuket, it has everything you need to start to Learn to Scuba Dive and the Dive Shops just a short walk from Tiger Muay Thai Camp.

They offer Private PADI Diving Courses and Scuba Day Trips and specializes on personal private instruction, get hassle free diving Fun where you can then relax and enjoy your vacation. They offer a full range of Phuket Scuba Diving Tours & Private PADI Scuba Diving courses for beginners to go Pro. You dive when you want to dive, and all this is structured around your fitness schedule and Training. All ready a Certified Diver? get access to the most suitable dive site locations for all levels of Diver certifications and experience, with the added options for of your own personal Dive guide as a buddy. The premier destinations from Phuket are Phi Phi, Koh Racha Yai, and the Similan Islands dive sites all are two to three dive trips and home to some of Thailand’s best marine life.

Alternatively if you are not much of a diver you can go as a non diver and sunbathe or snorkel in the lovely clear waters. You can contact David the manager at Phuket Dive Tours on 0870225356 or email: [email protected]

Elephant Safari & Day Trips

There are many day trips and fun things to do in Phuket if you like animals you might like to try the Jungle safari for a day to see if you like it before booking an extended trip. There are so many to choose from ranging from a basic elephant trek for 45mins for 1450baht to a 4-5 day trek with accommodation for 16000baht, the choice is yours.

Generally a one day safari from Phuket to Khao Sok is approx 2950 baht you will be collected from your hotel early morning and the trip includes the drive to Khao Sok, Jungle river canoeing, lunch, elephant trekking then return travel to your hotel.

For more info please visit http://www.siamsafari.com

Phuket Zoo

This Zoo has been established since 1997 it is only 2.5km from the camp – Left out of camp to end of road right turn then straight to first set of lights and see sign on left saying Phuket Zoo, make left turn.

The Zoo has a number of daily shows including Monkey, elephant and crocodile shows. They also have an aquarium, bird park and orchid garden and you can have photos taken with the animals ranging from a tiger cub, young tiger or fully grown male to sit with! You also have the pythons which are up to 2 meters long! The Zoo is open from 8.30am to 6pm.

For more info please visit http://www.phuketzoo.com

Golf Courses & Ranges

There are lots of Golf courses in Phuket here are a selection.

Blue Canyon

Blue Canyon has earned its place among the best golf courses in Asia. The course is the winner of several prominent prizes including the “Asian and Pacific Golf courseof the year 1999”. Based 7 minutes from Puket Internation Airport on the North side of the Island with facilities that include indoor and outdoor driving ranges and four practice putting greens, two for each course.

If you require lessons they are available from professionals for golfers of every standard and include leading brands of equipment which are available from the pro shop. There are two restaurants, the Golfers’ Terrace, and the Canyon Restaurant. Locker room service include sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and a variety of massages. For prices see the link below.

* Swimming Pool
* Driving Range
* Sauna
* Massage
* Restaurant (Thai & International)
* Jacuzzi
* Hotel
* Putting Green

For more info please visit http://www.phuketgolfcourse.com

Phuket Country Club

Should you require something closer to Tiger you can also go to Phuket Country Club which was established in 1989 and is one of the finest course in Phuket. They have both an 18 hole and 9 hole course. It is open 7am-5pm and is 7km outside Phuket town.

Go to Central Festival and take a left along the 4020 to the next set of lights and take a left, you will see signs for the Gold Course. For a map and prices see the link below.

For more info please visit http://www.phuketcountryclub.com

Loch Palm Golf Club

Located in Kathu district just 7km from Phuket Town and Patong beach. Sanwiched between Kathu Waterfalls and Kathu Town the layout surrounds the largest Lake in any golf course in Phuket.

Crystal Lake is 48 acres in size is an 18 hole golf course which is in great shape due to its recently completed re design and multi million dollar upgrades. For prices and map see link below.

For more info please visit http://www.lochpalm.com

Laguna Phuket Golf Club

Voted top 10 for Best Golf course in Asia. Laguna is an 18 hole, par-71 golf course. The course feature a wealth of scenic lagoons, coconut groves, set against the backdrop of mountains and the Andaman sea. For all the promotions and packages they offer please see the link below.

For more info please visit http://www.lagunaphuketgolf.com

Driving Range

Should you just want to use the driving range to brush up your skills there is a big one located 5 minutes from Tiger. Right out of Tiger, right at end of road, right at lights, straight for 50 metres.


Located just off Chalong circle towards Kata you can test your hand-eye co-ordination with a plethora of weapons to suit your budget from hand guns to shotguns, prices range from 900-1200 baht depending on the gun, includes instruction.

Based at the same location you can undertake in a session of paintballing. This is where a battle commences between groups till the last man/woman is standing or the paint runs out! Great fun for a group day out such as birthdays, its also fun for all the family although beware you do get bruises.

Open from 9am-6pm.

For more info please visit http://www.phuket-shooting.com


Get a group of friends for an alternative night out and head down to the bowling alley on the 3rd floor of Big C shopping centre for some fun. Bowling is a popular pastime in Phuket and there are no less than 6 bowling alleys on the island with more planned to open soon .


There are latterly hundreds of Tatto studios around Phuket, some serious, some less serious.

Indeed Tattoo

Indeed Tattoo is the Premier tattoo shoo on Soi Tai-ed rd. The lead tattoo Artist and part owner Kwan is very talented and has a great reputation amongst many guests and even trainers on the soi! Indeed uses quality ink which is shipped in from the US. The shop it self is very clean and they take sanitation very serious!

For more info please visit Indeed Tattoo on Facebook.

Chalong Ink

Right across the street from the Tiger Camp you will find a small tattoo-place that does amazing work with bamboo, and machine as well. Always remember, if you get a bamboo tattoo, you can train again on the next day, while you should wait a couple of days after a machine tattoo!

Golden Needle

A number of people that come to Thailand get tattoos, ranging from protection, tribal, colour, black and white, Japanese style, to a cover up over an old tattoo. There are many places to get them from in Phuket a popular one with members from the camp is Protection Tattoo near Phuket Town. Turn left out of gym to end of road, turn left and continue straight for approx 8km and it is on the left side. I have attached the link below so you can see some of the many designs they have to offer.

For more info please visit http://www.goldenneedle-tattoo.com

Naka Weekend Market

A place you definitely have to visit is the weekend night market. This one opens at 4pm (that’s why it’s called night market). So even if you want to sleep longer on the weekend, you won’t miss anything. It’s a good place to shop for clothes, sunglasses, bags, watches, toys, etc… there is nothing you won’t find here, and you get it for a good price as well. It’s also a good way to experience Thai food. With a large area full of food stands and restaurants, you get everything from basic curry, to grilled grasshoppers (yes they do taste like chips!). Even picky eaters will find some amazing stuff there. It’s open on Saturdays and Sundays only, opening at 4pm. Make sure not to miss out!

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is the biggest Temple in Phuket, and its only 3 min away by scooter. If you have the chance to visit the temple, you will have an amazing time. It’s 3 stories tall and ornately decorated. Although many of the visitors are tourists, people still come here to pray, so make sure you are as respectful as possible.

Big Buddha mountain

There is no way you can miss out the Big Buddha. First of all, because it is 15 meters tall, on a mountaintop watching over all of Phuket, and second, the TMT Bodyfit class runs up there every Tuesday. The panoramic 360 degree view from the top of the mountain is unparalleled. It is not only breathtaking to stand in front of this gigantic stone Buddha, there is also a large area where you can buy gems and small Buddhas for your necklace. You can get your Buddha and yourself blessed by a monk there, and place wishes for your loved ones. All in all, the Big Buddha is something you really have to experience. …but as mentioned… its almost impossible to miss!

Phi Phi Island

A day trip to Phi Phi is definitely something you should do on a nice day. Ferries are leaving several times a day from Phuket, for about 500 Baht. Beautiful beaches, and diving areas are the main attraction on Phi Phi. And of course you have restaurants and bars from where you can enjoy the view. No streets, no cars. Phi Phi is beautiful, and that is about everything you need to know about it. Definitely worth a visit!

Night Life

You come here for training, but if you trained hard all week, you might want to treat yourself with a party… or two.
Needless to say that Phuket is a good place for that. You have some clubs close to TMT such as Laguna, or O2 beach club. But if you want to see the Phuket Nightlife, you should get a taxi to Patong 30 minutes away from TMT. The Bangla road in Patong, is a street with one bar/club/pub after the other. It will take you a few weekends to explore everything here. Although it’s pretty safe there, make sure not to go out alone, since you don’t want to get lost there. The best places to start are the Scruffy Murphys Pub which has amazing live music, and Seduction, which is the biggest club on Bangla road.

Phuket Town

Officially called Phuket City since 2004, but everybody is calling it Phuket Town anyway. Only about 15 minutes away from TMT, Phuket Town has a lot to offer! Next to the endless markets and shops, you find museums here, zoos, beautiful architecture, and if you like insects, there is also a butterfly farm. Phuket town is pretty big, so take your time exploring it, it won’t be done in one day.


Phuket is not as flat as you might imagine it. There are tons of hills and small mountains, which bring you a variety of viewpoints from where you can overlook the beautiful Island and the sea. In many of those places you find restaurants, where you can sit an enjoy the view over a dinner. The most famous viewpoints are:

Rang hill, Kata view point and Prom Thep Cape. If you have a scooter, find your own viewpoints. There are many beautiful things to discover!


It is an Island, basically you are surrounded by beaches. The two beaches that are best known are Kata beach, and Naiharn beach. Both are about 15 minutes away from Tiger. Naiharn is a quiet, beautiful beach, that is usually not too crowded. Perfect for the gap between training classes!

Kata beach is usually a bit more busy, but it’s also bigger. Here you have surfboards to rent, and also surf-teachers. The beach is surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants. You can easily spend a whole day here. Also the Surfhouse is right next to the beach. If you don’t want to take your first surf lesson in the ocean, the Surfhouse has a great alternative, a huge artificial wave, where you can learn how to surf, show off your skills, or simply watch the surfers.