At Tiger Muay Thai training camp we have a guest services department that can help you with any details or information you may need while staying at our training camp.

From Local phone #’s to directions, booking transportation or accommodation, adventure and sporting trips, waterfall and private beach tours, river rafting, paint ball games, shooting range, Muay thai fights in Patong and other areas of Thailand, discount transportation, and more.

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp offers our guests services to enjoy your training vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

Please click each section to expand and read about each service.

Arriving With a VISA
At Tiger Muay Thai we have two forms of documentation to help you obtain a long-term VISA; standard forms which are good for trips under 3 months, or a personalized invitation letter for trips exceeding 3 months, for a maximum of 1 year. To obtain the proper VISA invitation documents please email [email protected] with your length of stay, nationality and the country you will be applying in for more information. If you would like to apply for a 3+ month visa please also attach a photocopy of your passport.

Once you have received the correct forms you can mail or take them to your local Thai embassy with your passport and any other documentation they require. You will usually receive your passport with travel VISA 24 hours – 1 week upon submission.

Arriving Without a VISA
If you are staying in Thailand for 35 days or less you will usually not need a travel VISA unless arriving by land/boat, or stated otherwise by your embassy. Tourists receive an automatic 30 day stamp upon arrival which can be extended for up to 1 week locally. If you are planning on staying in Thailand for more than 1 month without applying for a VISA from a Thai embassy in your home country, you will need to renew your VISA by leaving and re-entering Thailand.

IF YOU ARRIVE IN THAILAND BY BUS, CAR OR BOAT you will only receive a 15 day entry stamp.
IF YOU ARRIVE IN THAILAND BY PLANE you will receive a 30 day entry stamp.

Both stamps can be extended for a maximum of 1 week @ 1900 Baht at Phuket Immigration.

“VISA Runs”
Our students who need to extend their VISAS leave Thailand every 15 days to 3 months. The fastest trip you can take is to Burma (Myanmar) where you will be given a 15 day entry stamp to return to Thailand, and you can repeat this trip an unlimited amount of times.

Most of our students prefer to take an organized bus trip to Penang, Malaysia, which includes all transportation, meals and a hotel room for 1 night. The trip takes two days. In Penang you can apply for a 2 month tourist visa, and after your 2 months you can extend for an additional 30 days at Phuket Immigration (15 minutes from the camp). The extension is 1900 Baht and allows you to stay in Thailand for a total of 3 months.

The same visa can be applied for in other areas of Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu.

Our office staff can help book your visa run and make travel suggestions if you want to sightsee while you are away.

***The penalty of overstay in Thailand past your exit date is 500 Baht per day***
***Please remember to bring your passport, all identification, and paperwork when you make a VISA run***
***If you have already arrived at the camp and are trying to figure out your current situation, please visit the front office with your passport and paperwork to ask for help.***

At Tiger Muay Thai we have a fully stocked equipment shop with a variety of styles and brands for you to choose from including TWINS, RAJA, INTER, Fairtex, Top King and our own Tiger Muay Thai brand. All equipment is available new and at great prices: Muay Thai and MMA gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, t-shirts, Muay Thai and MMA shorts, equipment cleaner, first-aid training kits, antibacterial soaps and more. Please email if you have further inquiries.

Students are also welcome to bring their own equipment and rentals are available for walk-ins.

Buses are available 100 meters from the camp on the main road. They run on a daily schedule to many parts of the island and arrive in 15-20 minute intervals. A small English sign on the front of the bus shows where it is heading, and on average the ride costs 20+ Baht.

Motorbike Rental
Renting motorbikes is an easy and affordable way to get around the island. They are available everywhere on the island and can also be rented through the camp. While riding a motorbike can fun and exciting way to see Phuket and all it has to offer, please be cautious and drive carefully.

Motorbike Rentals: 300 Baht per day, 1500 Baht per week, 3500 Baht per month.
Costs, condition, and types of motorbikes vary with cost.

Taxi or Tuk-Tuk
Tiger Muay Thai has taxis on call and they usually arrive within 15 minutes. They offer set rates to different areas of Phuket and a list of prices are posted in the office. When guests are out and about, some choose to ride Tuk-Tuks which are small open-air vehicles that seat 4-5 people. It is important to always negotiate a fare clearly before departure. Tuk-Tuk’s are easy and convenient, but the prices can be high if not properly negotiated.

Our training camp is centrally located in Chalong. We are approximately 4-5 kilometers from several of Phuket’s best beaches, however we are close to the pier and marina in Chalong and entertainment like boating trips, the Phuket Shooting Range, Paint Ball Fight Zone, diving and scuba instruction, elephant rides, ATV course, detox spas, the Chalong Buddhist Temple, and mountain-top lookouts.


We have a laundry service available at the training camp for our guests. The prices are very affordable and also include pick-up and delivery. Guests generally spend between 80-120 Baht per load on laundry. There are also several local laundry places that charge the same as at the camp. The wait is 1-2 days. Be sure to keep track of the items you sent to be washed.

Tiger Muay Thai has free internet for our guests through a Wi-Fi system through-out the whole camp area and on site accommodations. The nearest internet café is located about 4 minutes from Tiger Muay Thai. Chalong also has several ADSL internet shops that offer access for around 40-50 baht per hour. These shops also often have photo, copying, fax, and other services.